You Can simply play the demo here. Click the blue "Play" button. This will launch Steam, and tell steam do download the Game Launcher and Vectronic.

The Vectronic Demo can be played via the Leadwerks Game Launcher which you can get from Steam for free! This application will install needed libraries such as OpenAL. Upon installing the Game Launcher, you can subscribe to the demo on this page. Please note that

System Requirements:

Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1
OpenGL 4.0 / DirectX 11 graphics hardware
2.0 GHZ dual core processor
512 MB video memory
2 GB of RAM

OpenGL 4.0 graphics card with proprietary drivers installed.
2.0 GHZ dual core processor
512 MB video memory
2 GB of RAM

*It is recommended that you have a Nvidia graphics card or an AMD graphics card that support the Catalyst 15.3 or above drivers.


- Movement: W,A,S,D
- Jump: Space
- Crouch: Ctrl
- Fire Blue Ball: Left Click
- Fire Green Ball: Right Click
- Pickup/Drop Object: E

Changing Settings:

There is a text file titled settings.txt. When you open the file, it will look like this:
Edit the value of each setting to your desire.

Or you can make a batch/launcher like this in the root directory of the Game Launcher:

@"game.exe" -fullscreen +lightquality <lightquality> +screenwidth <screenwidth> +screenheight <screenheight > +multisample <multisample>

Change what's in the "<>" with a value. Here is an example:
 @"game.exe" -fullscreen +lightquality 2 +screenwidth 1600 +screenheight 900 +multisample 4
To remove full screen, just delete that argument. 


  1. Because of all the people who got the Vectronic demo to work and because of the way you responded to my questions, I had the feeling I'm asking stupid questions with no need for answers. However, after 2 days not being able to start the demo and wanting to see what Vectronic is about so much, I don't care anymore.

    I got rid of the .dll problem but now when I launch Vectronic.exe a blank white window and a cmd window appear for a split second and then disappear. After that - nothing.

    I have the feeling I have to extract the file but when I try to I get this message:

    [i]Enter a password for the copied file ...\VectronicDemo\Maps\ in the archive[/i]

    1. It's possible that your card maybe unsupported. You can run it with a batch file with the exe containing:


      This will prevent the console from closing allowing you to read it and see what the issue is. The zip file is encrypted to a point that no one can extract any files from it. I never meant for my reply to come off as hurtful/rude. I took it as I did not go a good enough job highlighting the help page.

  2. it keeps flicking between a black screen and the loading screen when it starts

    1. it has been extracted and put to the desktop. OpenAL32.dll is installed

    2. Oops forgot to mention that it does play sound

    3. is any of this the problem?

      Windows 10 Home
      Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4010U CPU @ 1.70GHz 1.70 GHz
      8.00 Gb RAM
      64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    4. oops quad core processor
      Intel (R) Hd Graphics 4400

    5. Since the demo's release, the engine provider released a Steam app to allow anyone to easily play demo's and games that were developed in Leadwerks.

      Install that app, it will install any required software that;s needed. then go to this page and subscribe to it:

      After downloading, the demo should be ready to play. Sorry for the late reply, I'll update this page with the game launcher option once a Linux version is released.