Q & A

What is "Vectronic"?

Vectronic is a First-Person Puzzler Video Game that I've been working on for the past 3 years now. The project shifted through many changes, elements, and ideas. It is also meant to mainly be a portfolio project as well as a step in the indie market.

Looks like Portal. Related?

I got my start in 3D game development with Portal on the Source Engine. That game fueled my inspiration on gameplay elements and design throughout the years. I eventually got bored and limited due to the closed source of the game, so I decided to make my own starting as a Source mod.

Were you making this on the Source Engine? 

Yes, Vectronic was using the Source Engine, but due to lack of sources, bulky file sizes, and dropped licence support of the engine, I decided to port/remake the game on Leadwerks 3.

Why Leadwerks and not UE4, Unity? Or why not just wait for Source 2? 

Leadwerks is straight forward, I don't feel overwhelmed developing on it, and games developed on it is royalty free upon purchasing the software. I also have complete control where I wish to publish it.

Will the game still be modifiable? You made a big deal about it a while back.

Yes. All the games files will be accessible on release. Most of the game is written in Lua and you can freely make changes with a simple text editor. Unfortunately, for custom maps you'll need the Leadwerks Game Engine Software.

What's this demo, where can I get it, and why did you make it?  

After years of Engine hopping, do-overs, I felt like I would just be kicking current watchers in the knee announcing that I was in the works of putting Vectronic on Leadwerks. So I decided to put up a demo showcasing basic elements with the announcement. You can get the demo here.

I also needed that demo room to test and debug the basic elements so making the full game would be much easier!

Why is the demo short? Will it be added onto later?

The demo might be short, but it is a huge milestone for the project. Not only does it showcase the rework of the game on Leadwerks, but it allows for quick feedback which I'll use to fix bugs, exploits, and crashes if there are any. As the game further develops, the demo will may be updated with updated visuals/and possibly more maps.

Why does it not look like the Source Version? 

Because it's a different engine and it uses OpenGL rather then DirectX

I found a bug!/I have a suggestion! How do I contact you?

Contact me via e-mail with Vectronic in the title and I'll try to get back to you. If it's engine related, I might need to rely the report to the guys at Leadwerks.

When is the full game gonna be out, and how much it's gonna cost? 

I have no idea! I'll let you know when I have the release information.